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Monday, October 7, 2013

'Artifact' roles set

Artifact's cast of characters was released today, all prospective actors please take notice. The list is as follows:

-John (Hero) - The leader of the heroes. Key traits: born leader, strategic, generally serious. 

-Eric (Hero) - Close friend of John and key hero in the group. Key traits: serious, supportive, occasionally comedic.

-Roy (Hero) - Comic relief of the story and key hero in the group. Key traits: very funny in dramatic situations, most of the time does not make any sense.

-Master Zen (Hero) - Mentor of the group. He guides the heroes between choosing right and wrong in key situations. Key traits: serious, knowledgeable, wise, occasionally comical.

-Jack (Hero/Villain) – Inner conflictual subplot, has trouble with making the right choices throughout story. Key traits: arrogant, selfish, and occasionally projects some signs of good inside him.

-Zack (Villain) – Main villain in the story. He controls the rest of the villains and is noticeably vicious. Key traits: angry, mentally unstable. 

-Marth (Villain) - Maniacal evil genius. Attempts to control most situations by outsmarting his enemies. Key traits: serious, controlling, manipulative (gets others to do his dirty work for him). 

-Shawn (Villain) - Key villain of a violent nature. Shawn tries to use brute force to handle most situations. Key traits: very serious, violent, takes advantage of most situations, does not like to be bossed around. 

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