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Sunday, October 6, 2013

PostScript Merges with Livid

Today it was announced that PostScript Productions, Inc. has acquired Livid Productions, LLC for $0.00 USD. Livid President John Caccamo was appointed Vice President of PSP Inc, as part of the deal, according to PS President Bryan Runyon.

When asked about the merger, Caccamo stated "This ally will be a great inspirational influence on our production studio, and will bring order..."

Meanwhile, Runyon commented "It was a real value dollar for dollar... I'm sure it will be a great addition to the PostScript family."

Caccamo also stated his appointment as Vice President was a result of "a great... friendly... confrontation with each other [Runyon]."

"John's the right guy for the job," Runyon said. "He was also the only guy, but still. I look forward to working on our first project with him."

PostScript insiders say that the first collaboration with Livid is set to begin shooting sometime in the next few months.

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